Having a relaxed and informal approach to all aspects of my work,  this helps me to capture your final images of that memorable day.

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 £95.00 PH

You can book me by the hour if require  

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NOW £450.00

Up to 6  hours on location

A minimum of 300 professionally edited images

Within 35 miles radius of Worthing
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Now  £650.00

 Up to 8  hours on location

A minimum of 450 professionally edited images 

Within 35 miles radius of Worthing

Now £895.00

All Day at various locations 

 A minimum of 600 professionally edited  images

   Within 50 miles radius of                       Worthing                        

You Can Count on my Experienced as a Wedding photographer to Take Excellent Photos

Fixed Price Wedding Packages

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Me as your photographer (unless stated otherwise)

Pre & Post-wedding day consultation 

One Photo will be available on the day and the remaining, up to 4 weeks from your wedding day. 

A USB/CD with all your photographs  

Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance  

A private online gallery 

10 Thank you Cards

I am willing to go over your requirement and tailor a package to suit your needs for your special day.

I will post a selection of your photos online asap (generally that day) and your remaining images, within 1-2 weeks. You will receive (High & Low Resolution) edit images, along with a letter granting you, FULL IMAGE RIGHTS. 


 There are a great number of parts to a wedding, I understand that different couples have different needs. I will endeavour to supply a package for every budget, timetable to suit, big and small weddings alike, without cutting corners on quality for your special day. All prices include my time, retouching, stated amount of thank you cards, with a photo of your choice, high & low -resolution, a selection of B&W, Colour photos, CD/USB of images, and a password protected web gallery to share with friends and family.


Up to 2 Hours on location      £225.00

This package includes, The Groom awaits for the Bride's arrival at the venue, will photograph groups and couple's portraits in an appropriate setting before the couple and guests leave for the reception.

The Ceremony & Reception Includes at least, 100 final images, professionally & individually edited images ready for viewing, and you can download from your secure web page ready for printing     

Option 1

Ceremony & Reception £450.00

This option includes;    everything from the basic option and up to 4 hours on location, plus everything that takes place during the evening ahead. My service also includes capturing the first dances, speeches and the cutting of the cake, as well as any other important details during the reception and/or wedding breakfast, in addition to reportage style coverage of you and your guests enjoying your day and unto the first dance.

The Ceremony & Reception Includes at least, 200 final images, professionally & individually edited images ready for viewing, and you can download from your secure web page ready for printing      

With in 20-mile radius from Worthing, up to  4 Hours


Ceremony & Reception £650.00

This option  includes;    everything from the Ceremony & Reception, but in addition includes; a visit to the bride's home in the morning in order to capture their preparations for the big day and departure in the wedding car to the ceremony. My approach will be friendly & unobtrusive and the photographs will leave you with a lasting memory of your special day, for many years to come.

The Ceremony & Reception Includes at least, 400 final images, professionally & individually edited images ready for viewing, and you can download from your secure web page ready for printing     

With in 20-mile radius from Worthing, up to 6 Hours


All Day / Evening £895.00

This option includes Bridal prep through to the first dance & then some, there is no time limit on my coverage, My approach will be friendly & unobtrusive and the photographs will leave you with a lasting memory of your special day, for many years to come. There is no time limit on my coverage, I am happy to arrive as early in the morning and stay as late into the evening as needed!!

The Full Day package

The Ceremony & Reception Includes at least, 600 final images, professionally & individually edited images ready for viewing, you can download from your secure web page ready for printing, and a standard slideshow.

With in 20-mile radius from Worthing, the all day and some!

Special rates may be available for mid-week or off-season weddings.



A pre-wedding photo session are available, this will give you one hour with me and the camera, lets try something new with some fun photos, having your own vision and insight before your day, in a relaxed environment, on the beach or in a park, this will help you see how I work before your wedding day, capturing some photos of you both, (the photos can be downloaded from your own web page), you might like one of your photos framed for the wedding reception, so your guest can leave you a message, for a keepsake


A second shooter

Are available prices vary from the basic to a more professional photographer, the time covering the event.

Why a second shooter, the main photographer can stay with the bride and her party, with pre wedding photos, getting ready to the leaving for the wedding venue. The second photographer can be with the groom and his mates having some fun times beforehand, to the arriving at the ceremony. At the ceremony they will capture your guest arriving and the gathering of family and friends.

At the wedding venue the main photographer will be capturing the main photos of the ceremony and the proceedings, with the second will be in the background capturing the more laid back and candid shots.

Price on Request


A slideshow is a great way to view your photos with, friends and family, after your big day. The running time will vary, to the play time of your of music. You chose the music and I will hand-pick the photos and placed on a CD/USB and will be formatted to view on your TV.

For a standard slideshow package, you supply the music of your choice I will pick the photos and placed on chosen format CD/USB, with a Maximum of 5 minutes' running time (delivered within 2 Weeks)


Thank You Cards

I will supply 10 thank you cards within the price of your package, if you require any extra cards

£2.50 per card

Prints and Wedding Album

Prints and wedding album are a great way to have that to keep sake memories, they can be sorted at a later date if you require them

Price on request

Extra CD/USB or Slideshow

Any extra CD/USB or slide show presentation for family or friends

£25.00 each


When you book and pay the £100 deposit (non-refundable) the date is yours, Bookings can be made by cash, bank transfer or credit card. This will secure your date and balance payments are due a week before the wedding. And me as your photographer, (unless stated otherwise)

What happens next, I will set up your secure online website gallery, so we can keep in contact at any time via, face time, blog, email, text message, or I am only a phone call away.

When its possible to meet up around a week before your big day, I try to come along to your pre- wedding rehearsal, it's a great time to meet up with everyone, have a look over the venue, and to go over your final plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in wedding photography full day coverage?

Full coverage includes photography service from bridal preparations through ceremony and reception until the first dance, roughly 9pm. All photos (+500) are in high resolution and delivered via USB and an online, password-protected gallery with an option for free digital download for your guests.

2. Do you offer half day coverage?

Yes I do half days and shorter coverage, This may exclude Saturdays during peak season.

3. We are not good in front of the camera. How can you help?

Don’t worry, none of my couples are professional models. I will guide you a little during bride & groom session but there won’t be much posing on the day. I am a storyteller and want to document the day as it happened, with cry and laughter.

4. Do you provide wedding albums?

Yes, wedding albums are optional and their prices start at £100.00, With all the expenses that going on you may wish to arrange this, at a later date

5. How do we book you?

Simply fill in the booking form and pay a deposit of £100 to secure a date.

6. How long will it take to receive our photos?

Up to four weeks, depending on the time of year.

7. Do you do engagement sessions too?

Yes, I do. You can get an engagement session at a discounted rate when booking a wedding with me.

7. Do you have an assistant/2nd shooter?

I work mostly alone and 99% of my weddings were shot solo. I have dedicated 2nd shooters, so please let me know.

9. What area do you cover?

I am based in Worthing West Sussex and willing to travel outside the UK too. If you are planning getting married abroad ask me for a special rates for destination weddings.

10. Are you insured?

Yes, I have both, Public Liability & Indemnity insurance.

John Young Photography


Its important you have some kind of vision and style you require for your photos before you have that first meeting with your photographer, they are similar to an artist, such as Van Gough or Constable, their work will be so completely different, it will be the same with photographers, it's a good idea to have a look at their work before you arrange a meeting with them, most photographers have a website, with samples of their work.

There are a selection of extras that couples can bolt on to their package, ranging from prints, the framed photos and albums.

Album design is an art form that's worth investing in. Album prices vary greatly, depending on the style, number of pages and cover, An average spend is from £120.00 to ? Some photographers can charge up to, £1000.00 for this service, it's so important to find out the cost beforehand.

Second shooters can incur that extra cost, so it's worth considering if you need one or not. The advantage of a second shooter is that you'll get more coverage of your big day, one is snapping you sipping champagne while you get your hair done, the other can capture your groom and his pals suiting up; you'll need to weigh up the cost implications with how much you want them photos from all aspects of the day.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to go old school and have your photographer shoot in film. Film photography is fantastic for capturing the nuances of light, shadows and colours and makes for gorgeous images, but is more expensive than shooting digitally. Think about whether it is worth the extra cost, or if you'll be happy with digital images.

Engagement shoots 

Many couples opt to have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot with their photographer; if you're wondering why you should do an engagement shoot, there are some good reasons; It’s a great opportunity to spend time, in a relaxed environment with the camera, without the eyes of a full wedding party upon you, It gives you an opportunity to get to know your photographer a bit better before your wedding day and understand how they work, and time to have some fun and try some new ideas that you may have before the day.

 Prices start from £100 for a pre-wedding shoot, this might include some prints, ask your photographer, and they will go over this with you.

Engagement shoots feel like a big expense, and it’s understandable if it’s not in your budget, but they can be invaluable to help you relax on the day, and just have some gorgeous informal images.

If you’re keen to show off your pre-wedding shoot photos, why not incorporate them into your big day, with a guest-signing frame.

With this you would select your favourite image from the shoot, have it made into a large print and framed with a deep mount, at a price of around £90. This is then on display during the wedding reception and guests can sign and leave short messages on the border.

Hidden costs

As with all aspects of your wedding, it’s important to be aware of hidden costs, so you’d be wise to have an open chat with your photographer before booking them.

Most photographers should be really clear with you and what their package contains, I would advise you go through your pricing brochure, quotes and contracts really carefully and ask questions if you need to.

It’s so easy to be drawn to a photographer by what seems like a good price, only to find out later on, that the price quickly escalates. This can really leave a bitter taste in your mouth, especially if you don’t realize, until you have committed and signed contracts.


If your photographer isn't local to your venue, you may need  accommodation or cover their travel costs, as some photographers charge by the mile if your wedding is outside their catchment area.

Travel costs are usually included within the local area, but be sure to check this before booking. Every photographer will charge differently; but distances in excess of this might incur a fuel surcharge or an overnight stay.

It’s always a good idea to ask your photographer if they need accommodation, It isn’t wise for us to drive home for hours after an exhausting day, or risk being late for a wedding if we have to negotiate lots of traffic the morning of your big day.

Additional hours

Another hidden cost to look out for is extra hours of coverage, Many photographers work to a strict time limit and any additional coverage over that time is charged by the hour. There is nothing wrong with this approach, all photographers have their own pricing list. As long as it is clear, and you know all the facts in advance there won’t be any disappointment, speak to your photographer before you book if you are unsure.

Food and drink

The matter of whether you need to provide your photographer with food is a common puzzle for brides, I would say don’t be shy about bringing the issue of food up with any photographer you go to meet.

Many photographers ask for food as part of their contractual terms, and it's something you may wish to budget for as a result, every wedding is different and has different pressures on couples, but your photographer will always be grateful when couples provide this. From your perspective, giving your hard-working photographer a hot meal (and, crucially, some downtime in which to eat it and to recharge) "is a wise move - they will be much more refreshed and energized for the rest of your wedding.

If you feel like you would love an album but can’t afford it right now, ask your photographer if you can come back and do it at a later date, it might cost you a smidgen more in the long run, but your first anniversary is a ‘paper anniversary’ so that is a great time to get the album you long for, when you may have more cash to spare.

A great photographer knows how to work with the lighting, location and weather (yes, even rain!) to bring out the best of the day. They also work their magic to edit their snaps, selecting the most perfect shots and digitally enhancing where needed, all resulting in photographs you will treasure for a lifetime.

Its so important that you get a long with your photographer, as they will be with you every step of the way, right from first thing in the morning, until last thing at night, they know how exhausting this can be for you both. They will understand how important that your day will run smoothly as possible, they will be in close contact with all other party's, and adapt to the last minute changes that may occur. Your photographer will be there not only to capture them special moments as a friend, and be there on hand, if and when required.

The most important thing it's your day!


Us at john young photography would like to be the first to congratulate you, 

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